Earn money with Social Network Xenzuu

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You are already registered on social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram? Do you use these platforms regularly, but haven't earned a cent yet? Then I would like to introduce you to a new social media platform that has been launched. Xenzuu is currently still in the beta phase, but already offers an exciting overall concept. It's a social media platform that looks very similar to the original, but can still make a significant difference. All members who register for free on Xenzuu can even earn money. One can post contributions, Liken, divide, comment and own groups open, for all that one gets a small commission paid. Likewise Xenzuu participates all members in the advertising incomes, here 80% are distributed on all active participants. If thus the advertising incomes go only half as rapidly by the cover as with Facebook, that would be already a nice passive income.
Earn money with Social Network Xenzuu
However, the revenues are not completely passive. The organizers expect active users who are logged in at least 10 times a month, have uploaded their profile picture and at least post contributions as well as pictures and videos. Since the Social Network Community registration is free, nobody can do anything wrong here.
With the voucher code: V7FZKY4X you get with the registration, already times 2$ credited.

Become a member
Once you've registered for free, fill out your profile if you like, upload a profile picture of them, invite a few friends with your referral link and do what you do on other social media platforms. Link or share mail, open a group, write messages and chat with members, use as advertising platform and generate a permanent, passive income that regularly generates commissions for you.
Important: You do not have to make any advertising commitments on Xenzuu and active advertising from you is also not required. Simply with Liken and parts as well as posts as well as with commenting of contributions besides money earn. Perhaps we see ourselves soon on Xenzuu!

Xenzuu, the new social network

Xenzuu is the new social network that pays its members commissions for its use! The possibilities to receive commissions are very diverse and basically arise by the way. Xenzuu offers the following possibilities to earn money:
1. the Social Media bonus:
Daily, for the previous day, you will receive the Social Media Bonus for likening, sharing, posting and commenting.
2. The Activity Bonus:
80% of all advertising revenues of the previous month at Xenzuu are added and distributed to the active members. Each active user then receives 5% of this amount and for all active members of his downline also 5%, maximum 10 levels deep. As an active member you count if you have uploaded a profile picture and have been logged in on 10 different days within the last 30 days.
An example, assuming Xenzuu distributes 30.000$ advertising revenue to 30.000 members per month:
user himself 5% = 0,04$
1st level 3 refs 5% x 3 = 0,12$
2nd level 9 refs 5% x 9 = 0,36$
3rd level 27 Refs 5% x 27 = 1,08$
4th level 81 Refs 5% x 81 = 3,24$
5th level 243 refs 5% x 243 = 9,72$
6th level 729 Refs 5% x 729 = 29,16$
7th level 2187 Refs 5% x 2187 = 87,48$
8th level 6561 Refs 5% x 6561 = 262,44$
9th level 19683 refs 5% x 19683 = 787,32$
Total: = 1180,96$
Spillover System for Xenzuu, the new social network
Through the spillover system, members who register and are not sponsored by anyone are automatically assigned to you in their downline. This means that it is not absolutely necessary to recruit members. According to initiators, your downline fills automatically from left to right. This is for you a growing income with increasing number of participants in your matrix, because in the structure is earned over several levels.

For Like, Post and Comment Earn Money

Alternatively, you can upgrade to a Premium Membership with a one-time payment. You will receive permanent commissions from the Friends Tree Bonus and the Matching Bonus of the respective marketing plan.
3. The Matching Bonus:
The Matching Bonus (10% and 50%) is paid to Premium Members from the revenue (Social Media Bonus as well as Friends Bonus and Activity Bonus) of their directly sponsored members.
4. The Friends Tree Bonus:
Premium members receive the Friends Tree Bonus (5%) from the purchases of the Premium Membership of your downline, also up to 10 levels deep.
Now on Xenzuu, the new Social Network, which pays active members for its use, register for free and write messages, liken or share mail and chat with members, build a passive income. After signing up, you can immediately start inviting friends and family with your personal referral link and thus build your own network and earn money. Like said the registration is free and the structure is on Xenzuu nearly exactly the same as on Facebook - perhaps we see ourselves soon on Xenzuu.