Earn money with the Jugl App

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Today I would like to introduce the new Jugl-App (Android and IOS). A new fast growing community, advertising and sales platform with a lot of potential, online since January 2017. With the free mobile app (working from tablet and PC also possible) from jugl you can earn money without previous knowledge. There is a Premium-Account for once 3€ with which one gets then 10% more of the turnover. But there is no compulsion, I have completed it, but everyone has to decide for himself. The Jugl-App already has a mega success, because more than 163.000 members (March 2019) came together within a very short time.

Passive income with a mobile app

The Jugl-App is a social network in which you can advertise in the free classified ad market and buy and sell products directly, whether used or new. You can also watch advertisements and short videos and earn money. In addition one can provide search orders and for a commission search orders for other members investigate and mediate. In addition one has to be involved still in addition the possibility its own network to develop and in it in the future at the profit in the network lifelong. All the same whether private persons, companies as well as enterprises and dealers.

Passive income with Jugl-App
In network marketing it is usual to profit from each other. Everyone at jugl is part of a team and gives something of their income to their team leader. If you set up your own team, you share in the income of your team members. Since they then also give something back to their team leader from their own income. Thus the passive income is created. You can take part now and will participate in the profit of your network in the future. The registration and use of the Jugl-App is free!

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With Jugl you can earn money through three different activities, whether with your smartphone, tablet or PC. A business that starts relatively small, but over time offers enormous development opportunities - anytime, anywhere and 100% for free!

1. Read & place advertisements
You watch 30 seconds of advertising. So that you only see advertisements that interest you, you can specify your interests (from toys to luxury houses). So you only see advertisements that interest you and still earn money. There is also the option of placing advertisements and offers yourself.

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2. build your own team
You build your own network and invite your friends via SMS, email, Whats app or Facebook mail. For each successful invitation you earn 5€. If your friends invite friends again, you will receive 29% of their winnings. And if they invite friends again, the same etc. etc. up to the infinite level.

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3. human search engine
Help other members find the perfect offer. Whether assistance, research or mediation. You always earn money from all activities in your network and build up a passive income.
A very cool idea, you can help other people and earn some money at the same time.

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Securing a passive income with Jugl-App

After the free registration (IMPORTANT: before downloading the app) you have to consider the following points:
  • Go to the appstore on your mobile phone, enter "Jugl" in the search bar and download
  • log in to the app
  • Complete data
  • perform an action in the app e.g. click advertisement
  • Select a membership (Basic or Premium)
  • the sms-verification*
Click on your profile in the Jugl app, then select "Edit profile/data/account data". At the bottom you will find the possibility to enter your mobile phone number. Please pay attention to the correct spelling: +49 for Germany, +43 for Austria and +41 for Switzerland, then your Hamdy number without the "0" at the beginning. You will then receive a code by SMS, which you can enter in the field provided.
After that you can use the Jugl-App without any restrictions and earn money.
The advantages of being a Premium Member are as follows: - You retain 10% more of your revenue - You will receive more advertisements with advertising bonus and - have the ability to invite new members from the home page and poach them from other teams to expand your network faster.

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