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Clicking advertisement to earn money and build a side income - Jugl is a new fast-growing community, selling and advertising platform (online since January 2017) where members can watch videos and get paid for reading articles and advertising. I have to admit that I registered immediately and just tried it out. The principle is very simple. You look at an ad for 30 seconds on your smartphone or tablet as well as on your PC and then confirm in a window that you have seen the ad. The compensation is already credited with Jugl Coins. Some actions bring more, some less Jugl Coins.
I caught an advertisement that was rewarded with 100 Jugl Coins - one Euro! The payment with Jugl takes place instead of directly in euro or another real currency in so-called Jugls. One Jugl corresponds to one cent.

Read advertisements to secure additional income

So that you only see advertisements that interest you, you can indicate your interests. (from making money online to contact & singles exchanges to bargains.) Thus you see only advertisement which interest you and earn still money thereby. Fill out your profile as well as possible, the more advertising you get, because many members who advertise, limit the circle of users to age, country, premium member, etc. And to put a hook in the interests everywhere, also in the subcategories. It takes some time, but it's worth it, because you will see much more advertising, not only from home.

earn money with advertisement
New advertisements you can read when a member of Jugl places an ad, nothing external. This also means that the more members Jugl has, the more advertisements there are. The app has only been online since January 2017 and currently has over 316,000 members (as of March 2019).
I think you get an above-average fee for watching advertising, we have to be patient and see that the site grows.

Become a member

Click to earn money with advertisements

If you are the first time on an advertisement, do not click on the links in the advertisement or go to another page. After 30 seconds a popup will open where you can pick up your reward within 10 seconds. If you want to
With each advertisement is a small button "remember" that click and you always know that you have already read this advertisement, because it only ever goes once with Bonus.ts once were on an advertisement and they have not collected the reward, there is no further remuneration.
Not only read advertising from home and watch short videos to earn money. The registration is free, but I recommend that you choose the option Premium with a one-time fee of 3€ (10% more earnings).
Besides you can develop yourselves with the Jugl App its own Network and create yourselves so a passive income. Likewise you can execute in the free classified market search orders other members and collect for it a commission.

TIPP for Shop Operators and Merchants

The Jugl app contains a marketplace, similar to Amazon or Ebay, with unique advertising possibilities. Shop operators and dealers can advertise much cheaper than with google or other online advertising providers and save a lot of time and money.
In order to be able to operate a shop on the Internet, a lot of time and money must first be invested. Then finally the shop is finished and the visitors stay away.
Get with the Handy App from the customers into their business. Selling becomes easy with jugl. The high costs for the own homepage and its care are void.
No fixed costs, no prepayment, costs arise only with success. With jugl a Shopbetreiber can save much time and costs!
How to switch an advertisement as well as products on Jugl?
Click on Jugl in the navigation on "Buy/Sell/Interests" and then on "Advertise". Further information is quite self-explanatory, but please make sure to choose the right category. Your ad will be reviewed by support and if the category does not match, your ad campaign will be rejected. This is due to the fact that in various categories the juggling rewards for viewing your ad vary. There is no requirement for the capital. It decides how high the advertising budget for its advertisement is. If this is used up, their ad is stopped and ends up in the ads, without a reward (rarely seen). However, you can replenish your advertising budget at any time by clicking on your ad and editing it. The advertising budget is the only thing you can then edit (if you could edit everything, it wouldn't make sense for Jugl to check).
Benefits for shop owners and dealers
  • Promote campaign and offer products customer-oriented
  • offer products with pictures and video as well as with active website
  • you decide which and how many customers see the advertisement and/or the product
  • cost effective - one-time 3 € for registration
  • no hidden costs - no fixed costs - no subscription
  • no liabilities
Become a member and earn money with advertisements
Which possibility do you have to place advertisements on Jugl?
At there are three different types of advertising:
Offers without option to buy:
On the one hand, they serve purely for information, and on the other hand they are free of charge. However, if you are applying for a competing company, this option is subject to a fee.
Offers with the buy-it-now option (with purchase bonus and commission):
Here you have the opportunity to offer something for sale (used or new), after reading the advertisement a member who is interested can click directly on the "Buy" button and secure the offer.
The bidding process (with purchase bonus and commission):
Here you offer something and receive bids in different amounts on your products. You can choose a buyer regardless of the amount of the bid. If you decide not to sell your products after all, you are not obliged to accept a bid (e.g. if the bids do not match your price expectations). You can also accept several bids of different amounts and thus sell several pieces of a product in one bidding process.