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Whether for business or pleasure - gives you unrestricted access to the classifieds market for free advertising! Bring yourself and your business forward and win new customers.
In addition, as a user of the Jugl app (free registration), you can carry out research/search orders for other members and receive an agency fee for this, which is displayed transparently.
Place a free ad in the classifieds market
The Jugl App and its usage is 100% free and serious. Premium members can earn 10% more for a one-time fee of 3 Euro, but this upgrade is not mandatory.
The payment at Jugl takes place in so-called Jugls instead of in Euro, where 1 Jugl equals 1 cent, 100 Jugl equals 1€ and 1000 Jugl equals 10€. The payment of the money takes place simply & fast.

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Advertise for free in the classifieds market

Place free ads with classifieds, used or new, private or commercial. In Jugl's free classifieds market, you also have the opportunity to offer services and new and used products that you wish to sell to other members. No matter what it is, whether it is a cheap rental apartment, baby clothes and equipment as well as used game consoles, or the book you have already read. Offer it to favorable conditions in the free classifieds market on Jugl.

Earn money with mediation, research, assistance

Jugl members search the free classifieds market for various things such as smartphones, cars or craftsmen and pay a commission for it. Sign up for Jugl for free and help other members find the perfect offer. Whether assistance as well as research and mediation.
For example, if someone is looking for a Gucci bag to carry in everyday life and doesn't want to spend more than 200€ on it and you know someone, or know a website that sells it at this price, you will receive a commission. The amount of the commission is determined by the person who places the search order. A very cool idea, you can help other people and earn some money at the same time. You always earn money from all activities in your network and build up a passive income. Advertisement for free in the classifieds market.

earn extra money

As a member you can also build up your own network and earn money from it. You can also build up a small additional income with advertising and watching videos.