Build your own Jugl network

Language: Eigenes Netzwerk aufbauen

Build your own network with the free Jugl App and earn money with every registration and activity in your network. The Jugl App is new - and brand new. It was only launched at the beginning of 2017. Join in and finally be the first to be at the forefront when an ingenious idea shatters the Internet!
Building your own team in a network is the most beautiful and most important function at Jugl. But at the beginning it is a bit difficult. But over time, you'll build a network that will earn money for you continuously and automatically. The bigger and stronger your network becomes, the more profit and fun you will have.

Build a passive income with your own network

How to build your own network

Invite companies, friends and acquaintances via their invitation link via SMS, e-mail, Whats app or Facebook post and earn 500 jugl (5€) and 29% of their earnings for each registration. Furthermore, you earn 10% on every ad that a friend or a shop/seller for example takes out of their network. In addition 3% of the purchase bonus of each sold article of the shop.

Become a member

As a premium member, you can invite new members to your team not only with your invitation link, but also from the start page and thus build your network faster. You just have to be fast enough if you weren't fast enough when you invited, you can also try to entice the new member away. To do this you have to click on the name and then a button "poach" will appear, then you write in why the new member should come to your team.

Build up passive income

If you start out by inviting 5 people into your team and then invite 5 people into your network, if you go down 5 levels you have about 3125 members in your network. If each of your team would earn 2€ per day (29% of the revenue goes to them) you would earn 21,54€ per day that would be a lucrative extra income of 626,29€ per month.
Besides you can advertise as a member in the classified advertisement market free of charge and investigate for other members, look at advertisement and videos and so a passive income develop.
Basically, you can use Jugl in two different ways: Via the app (iOS & Android) or via the website on your PC. To register you need a smartphone. Once you have verified your smartphone, you can use Jugl on your PC without any problems.

Is the Jugl App really free?

I've been testing Jugl's app for a few months now and it's actually 100% free. There is a premium account for one time 3€. This has the advantage that you can invite new members to your network directly from the Jugl home page and get 10% more profit. I've completed this, but it's not mandatory. So far I made good experiences with the premium account.