Now everyone can earn money

Language: Werbeplattform mit 8 verschiedene kostenfreie Einkommensmöglichkeiten plateforme publicitaire, 8 différentes possibilités de revenus gratuits

A new advertising platform has been launched and offers 8 different free income opportunities without any previous knowledge or start-up costs! Registration is free and you get paid to watch PPC ads!

Advertising platform for an unconditional basic income

Traffic Forces currently offers its members 8 different income opportunities:
1. watch advertising
Members are simply paid directly for viewing advertising! You immediately get money on your account for every advertisement you have viewed. So everything super easy.
2. recommendation
On the advertising platform of Traffic Forces you also have the possibility to earn money by recommendation. For every activity in your downline, no matter if you watch ads or buy products, you get commissions.
3. sale of advertisements and products
One also earns with the sale of advertising or other digital products.
4. sale of own or affiliate products
Since Traffic Forces is an advertising platform among other things, you can use it very well to advertise yourself.
5. encores
A great way to earn money for all crypto fans. The revenue is shared with the token owners.
6. Collaboration Plan
In the collaboration plan, all members work together and all benefit from each other. Further below I explain the plan in more detail.
7. Unilevel Plan
In the Unilevel Plan you earn through direct recommendations. You can find out more about the plan below.
8. Unconditional Basic Income
The first 100,000 members receive a daily percentage distribution of banner advertising revenue. All you have to do is register for free and fill in your profile completely.

Advertising platform
With the new advertising platform you will create a real permanent source of income.
Registration is completely free and it is not necessary to buy anything to earn money! Also secure your place for the unconditional basic income and be one of the first! There is no need to buy expensive Rev-Share or other packages!

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But Traffic Forces is more than just an advertising platform. Traffic Forces also offers free training ect. on how to sell Digistore products and much more. Under Downloads you can already find in the library some free E Books and training materials about how to sell properly.

With Traffic Forces 8 different income opportunities

Reading advertising will always be just a little pocket money that you can earn on the advertising platform. With an upgrade ($46 a year) you can double this PPC advertising (more advertising and better paid advertising). You also get double commission if your referrals are PPC advertisements.
So what do you earn more with the upgrade: First you get twice as much or higher paid PPC advertising than the free member. Second, you get twice as much commission if your DL earns through PPC advertising. As a free member you get 50% of what your DL earns, after the upgrade you get twice that. As a license partner you receive commissions up to 3 levels deep. What will be interesting at Traffic Forces are the two earnings plans "Collaboration" as well as "Unilevel" into which you as a license partner are entitled to pay out dividends.
Especially the Collaboration Plan contains a matrix which will give the early positioned a nice spillover (they will be assigned partners from their upline). With the upgrade, you participate in the plans for one year with 12 distributions. As far as roughly outlined the benefits of the upgrade. In my opinion, you will not be able to avoid the upgrade if you want to run Traffic Forces seriously, permanently, otherwise you give away money.

Membership/License: Advertising platform - earn money fpr watching ads

Here is the Collaboration Plan:
This merit, which is due to everyone who has done the upgrade, I consider to be the hottest of the 8 income streams. The plan contains a matrix and everyone, even if they don't have a DL themselves, will be assigned from the upline partner. So SPILLOVER...
How does this plan work ?
Out of the 46$ license costs per year, 12 months per 1$ are given into the Collaborations Plan and distributed every month. The more you go deeper into the levels, the higher the payout amount will be. Means you get this monthly compensation for everyone who has upgraded somewhere in the depth of 8 levels.
So if one manages to fill the matrix up to level 8, a monthly salary of over $20,000 would be achieved. But even at level 5, which is quite feasible, this income stream brings over $150 per month in addition...
A fat firstline can therefore pay off well. Only active members in the DL will help you.
Next income stream topic Unilevel Plan:
For 12 months, 50 cents per member will be distributed from the license income in the Unilevel Plan. The 50 cents are distributed over 8 levels. The special thing here, too, the further down in the levels, the higher the remuneration per license member. Anyone who has participated in such programs before knows that the pyramid of participants is getting wider and wider. Level 8 with 12 cents per paid member can be very lucrative.
Product commissions:
Note: Members without a license only receive product commissions from the 1st level!

Earn money fpr watching ads

Licensee Tip - You can use the $46 you paid for your license for banner advertising on the advertising platform. Just go to Advertising, create a new campaign, enter everything and when you pay, click on the drop down box and select Credit Wallet. You can already advertise your other businesses, if any.
  • Unconditional basic income for the first 100,000 members
  • More than 8 different income possibilities
  • Earn money without selling or investing anything
  • Register for free / view advertisements / get paid immediately
  • Free advertising for your company
  • Pay-per-Click advertising from 0.01 USD per 5 seconds + Encores
  • With the $46 Business License, you double the revenue from viewing advertising, and earn on the Collaboration Plan.
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News on the Traffic Forces advertising platform

Update 01. 04.2019:
Traffic Forces has successfully completed the pre-launch phase and is proud to have over 10,000 members on board. The preparations for the next innovations are in full swing. In the coming months we can look forward to some new improvements, tools and products.
First of all, landing pages, free vouchers for advertising will be given away to generate new partners and an email follow-up will come. Also the advertising platform will make some internal sales-promoting optimizations. For example, after redeeming a voucher, your prospective customers will be shown further promotions or discounts.
Unfortunately there are a few delays at the partner Traffic Forces has already got some more detailed insights into this project and are more than enthusiastic about it. Lawyers are currently clarifying in which countries the members may receive this token and in which countries it is forbidden to give the token away as it is a security token.
The advertising platform has already been able to establish some cooperations with other companies, which will permanently book PPC advertising in the future so that in the middle of the year you can look forward to much more advertising.

Update 22. 02.2019:
Traffic Forces successfully won Skrill as long-term payment processor. This means that all common payment options, such as instant transfer, credit card, etc. are available. Two small changes were a prerequisite for Skrill's future cooperation. Skrill and many other payment providers do not allow a commission structure on several levels. That's why the advertising platform has now removed the Unilevel Plan and increased the Collaboration Plan. The Collaboration Plan was also extended at the same time. Now it is not only possible to earn with license sales, but it is also possible to earn with a special algorithm with own product sales (PPC Ads, Banner Ads,..) as well as those of the company and the sponsor. Simply explained, it is now possible to earn a percentage of all future product sales of Traffic Forces without having to recommend or sell anything.
Also the normal product commissions have now been changed to 1 level. This of course results in higher direct commissions. Thus now direct commissions of up to 60% are possible for license partners.
Furthermore, Free Members now also receive $8 commission when their partners upgrade.
All new commissions are already visible in the back office of the advertising platform.
Payouts have also been reduced to $10.
Traffic Forces Experiences
I will always give you a small overview of how the Traffic Forces advertising platform develops for me personally. Today I am active for exactly one week at Traffic Force. Since then I have been able to win 48 partners, and my earnings are already in double figures.